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What does Darvesh Welfare do?

We collect donations to help the ones in need. Donations collected through campaigns are invested and a record is maintained properly to keep a check on donation and it's effectiveness.

Who started Darvesh Welfare?

Darvesh welfare was started by a group of like minded people who believe in creating positive impact in society by helping the ones in need. A group of people associated with education and business sector.  

How does Darvesh Welfare support itself?

Darvesh welfare is a non-profit organization who aim to help people in getting education, improving quality of life and feeding the hungry. It collects funds to serve the greater purpose.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed"

Prof. Muhammad Afzal Mirza

President of Darvesh Welfare

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    How we can help

    Our aim is to help those in need of basic necessities including Food, Education, and health services. we have started from a small scale, identifying and helping people around us, and expanding the scale gradually. We also plan to launch campaigns for the long term impact in health and education sector, and providing the opportunities to people in need to earn their living with honor and dignity.

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