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About Darvesh

Darvesh welfare is a non profit organization working since 2019 to provide food, education and health services to those in need.

Our aim is to help those in need of basic necessities including Food, Education, and health services. we have started from a small scale, identifying and helping people around us, and expanding the scale gradually. We also plan to launch campaigns for the long term impact in health and education sector, and providing the opportunities to people in need to earn their living with honor and dignity.

Knowledge is the soul of society, we believe everyone has the right to quality education,we try to pave the road of knowledge for those who deserve to walk this path. We remove financial constraints.
Circumstances are not favorable for some of our fellow humans, they need our support, we try to provide food to the families who cannot earn it.
Access to proper healthcare is a luxury for most in our region, we try to bring a healthy smile on faces of those who can't afford it.

Our Vision

Knowledge is for all, and Education is the primary source of knowledge. Our vision is to facilitate the access to knowledge.